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Secret #15 >
"Keep the Material,
Change the Audience"

Legacy Books for Future Generations

Anyone who knows Larry knows he is terrible at keeping a secret. In Silver Tongue, he reveals 18 of his most powerful. They show not only his techniques for connecting with people and raising funds, but also his approach to living. Its an approach that allows him to be at once:
    • spontaneous and thoughtful
    • self-focused and community-minded
    • humorous and serious

Here Larry and Steven talk on camera about some of his secrets. In addition, we have some video taken at the pre-launch for the book (October 10, 2006 at Moby Dick Restaurant in Santa Barbara) where Steven and Larry sang, and Steven read from Silver Tongue Secrets of Mr. Santa Barbara.

All video shot and edited by Cliff Baldridge, Santa Barbara Arts TV (

A magic word and the magic in father-child relationships. Steven reads from the book.

Nate's Story
This one isn't in the book. Steven talks about his son.

Silver Tongue Montage
For those who like heart and humor -- a medley of images, songs and sayings.

Secret #6: The Double Dessert
Larry explains one of his techniques for making life sweet .

Secret #2: Appreciating
The ability to think and smile at the same time. Steven reads from the book.

Wednesdays with Larry
Apologies to Mitch Albom. Steven reads from the book.

"Larry, Larry" parody
Larry and Steven lead 75 friends in a song that pokes fun at Mr. Santa Barbara. Parody words courtesy Michael Crandell, Joe Howell, and Steve Amerikaner.