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Santa Barbara – December 20, 2006
“Home Grown Best Sellers”

“Silver Tongue writer Steve Crandell shares Larry Crandell’s ability to laugh, love and make friends in minutes – and true to Larry’s love-of-nonprofits, the books profits go to charity, making it truly the gift that keeps on giving.

“It is a poignant read, a father-son take that is packed with inspirational and amusing vignettes … This book is a real must for any dad on your list.”

J’Amy Brown, Columnist


Casa Magazine Santa Barbara – December 1, 2006
“A Silver Tongue Among the Gold”

“Witty and well-written”
“Part memoir … a ‘funography’”
“Sound wisdom about a life well lived that rings and laughs true.”
Mark Whitehurst, Publisher

Santa Barbara News-Press – November 19, 2006
“Mr. Santa Barbara Honored in Son’s Book”
“Bookstores will have trouble deciding where to shelve Steven Crandell’s new book on his father, Silver Tongue – Secrets of Mr. Santa Barbara. At first glance, it will go in the traditional biography section, but further reading might send it to self-help or inspirational shelves, maybe even humor.”
Susan Miles Gulbransen, Book Columnist

Santa Barbara News-Press – October 23, 2006
“The Dish”

“Larry’s bio, penned by his towering son, Steven, 47, is a jolly read, peppered with local anecdotes.”  
Martha Smilgis, Columnist


Jerry Roberts

“'Silver Tongue' is a son's tender tribute to his father, alternately touching, witty, and instructive as it explores themes of family and philanthropy and one man's gentle gift for humor."

Jerry is former editor and publisher of the Santa Barbara News-Press, former managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and author of Never Let Them See You Cry, a biography of Dianne Feinstein.


Montecito Journal – September 27, 2006
“Mr. Santa Barbara Revealed”

“I have to admit that when Steven had earlier given me a copy of Silver Tongue – Secrets of Mr. Santa Barbara, I did have a flash of self-published prose panic. Fortunately, I was relieved to discover he can write.

The book is tight and story-driven and meant to be a fundraiser, with all profit from book sales going to charities operating in Santa Barbara.

As the title implies, the book teaches Crandell's fundraising methods with each chapter centered around a trade “secret.” Happily, however, Silver Tongue is just as much about Larry Crandell’s life and philosophy as it is a guide to fundraising. This makes for a far more pleasurable read for those of us not in the business.”

Stephen Murdoch
Monecito Journal


Peter Noone

“Larry Crandell is my favourite comedian. He brings a smile to my face every time I think of him. I know you think I am going to say something funny now, but I can't. Larry Crandell. I look up to him. He is funny. He is tall. He raises money for others. I don't think it gets any better than that.

I am buying 2 copies of his book and when he has signed them they will be worth even less on ebay."


Patty DeDominic
"Ahhhhh,  Mr. Santa Barbara, there can be no other. What a wonderful story for all of us who know him and who will benefit from the organizations he helped."
Patty DeDominic
Founder & CEO
PDQ Personnel Services, Inc.